May 15, 2014


26 weeks pregnant

Wow! Can you believe baby has eyelashes at 26 weeks? And she’s amping up to start batting them soon. At this point, it probably feels like this baby (who you haven’t even met yet) has taken over your life. She’s interfering with your sleep. She’s messing with your brain. (Forget much?) She might even be giving you a stress headache or two. It’s normal to be experiencing some mild swelling, but around week 26, it’s important to watch out for swelling severe or sudden -- it could be the sign of a dangerous condition called preeclampsia. Notice your belly occasionally feeling really tight? That’s a contraction. Yup, already. Don’t freak out though -- your body is just practicing some tightening in preparation for labor. As long as the contractions aren’t steady or severe, you’re not in labor.
Your baby's the size of a head of lettuce!
She's still growing in the 13.6- to 14.8-inch and 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, and developing her senses, features and talents!

your baby at 26 weeks
  • Her eyes are forming, and his eyes will soon start to open.
  • And her eyelashes are now grown, too.
  • She's getting her immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up your antibodies.
  • She's taking breaths, too. They're of amniotic fluid, not air, but it's still good practice.

Mother's Day

From Dave, "On this, your first official Mother's Day, I couldn't be happier."

Starting our baby book collection off right!
"I'm so excited for this new adventure we are about to embark on."

It's official I've joined the club!!!
The four years we spent in Bellevue, Washington I watched friend after friend obtain their Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag for their new additions...  I knew when it was my turn nothing else would do.  So I can officially join the Moms club up there with my very own boxy backpack!  I can't wait to get this!  Thanks love bug for the perfect gift.

I am so happy love bug that you get to be baby girls father...  LOVE YOU!

Billy Joel says it best...

 "Mama if that's movin' up then I'm movin' out "

I started movin' out long before Dave did.  And thank goodness I did, because I found this steel of a deal on  I had been searching the listing for town homes  daily for what seemed like a very long time, only because I anticipated this move, well since we moved in with the in-laws 2 years ago.  Anyways, this particular townhouse was $300 to $400 less then the other 4 town homes in that same complex.  It had more square footage.  It looked out on a shaded green way.  It offered a spacious 2 car garage, great for car and storage.  I could go on and will with the photos... BUT  it was and is perfect.  I contacted the property management group in charge of the leasing process, a confession, I contacted them on the sabbath... But was able to reach them and was told we were 1 of 4 applicants but since we all applied at the same time, the owner would still see ours.  It was a little nerve wracking since the price, location, square footage and move in date were exactly what we were looking for and needed.  Our contact Mitch, was wonderful, he and I became fast friends and joke about breaking the sabbath day, as he is LDS as well.  I know not a good joke but it was certainly nice to get him as our agent.  Anyways, it was wonderful working with him, he gave us all the insights we needed to apparently get a head of the other 3 applicants because WE GOT IT! 
Here is the home tour... 

Our 3 story craftsman style town home 
The entrance to our new home, come June 1st.  It's a quite and out of the way entrance great for our new found love for privacy.

First floor Den, with closet
The front door opens up into the Den space.  It will be great for a home office/scrapbook room.  It has a closet and a full bathroom.  
First floor full bathroom
What is not pictured for the first floor is the washer and dryer hallway from 2 car garage.

Second floor living room, balcony
stairs for both going to the first floor and going to the master suite on the third floor
Loved the wood floors.  

Second floor Kitchen and pantry
So the only problem I can foresee with this second floor is, and thankfully I have my own woodworker, is a space for a kitchen table.  But with Daves mad skills his custom table will do just fine!
Second floor full bathroom
Another full bathroom!

Second floor bedroom
AKA Baby Girls room.
Third floor Master Suite 
Finally a space for us.  I am thrilled for this retreat! It's been too long not feeling like the Queen and King of our domain.  I am so very happy with this space.  Just as you arrive up the stairs there's a small landing for maybe a bookcase or well whatever.  The sky is the limit up here.  The door way on the right is our 'L' shape walk in closet, very big.  And the door on the left is our master bathroom.  

Third floor master bathroom
Yes a third and final full bath.  We went from living with Daves family and sharing a bathroom with 6 of us.  5 boys and 1 girl aka ME, this is currently a painful situation.  But I keep telling myself that soon, very soon and before my 30th Birthday I will have 3 full bathrooms I won't know what to do with.  The irony of life. 

What a blessing our life is.  Everything from baby, my new job, and place to call ours again and all that the near future will bring... I am in love with this new change and direction Dave and I and baby girl will be on very soon.  So glad we have Gods hand and help in our lives.  

Oh and bytheway, our move is not far at all from my parents or his, it happens to be right in between!  Kinda funny but very good for help with baby.  But we managed to be not only in a new ward but a different church building all together!  Very neat.  

More pictures to come once we move in and get settled.  I should re phrase, once Dave moves us in, I am already 6 months pregnant and just doing the 4 loads of laundry going back and forth up stairs gets my tired and winded.  I will though be happy giving orders!  LOL.

This is great news, that has me dream'n daily of decorating, organizing and well that thing they call it, NESTING...

Take it from here Billy Joel, 
Good luck movin' up cause I'm movin' out
Mm I'm movin out Mm oo oo uh huh mm hm

April 14, 2014

Meeting Ben

The beginning.  Our first meet and greet.
After 6 weeks, Ben went on his first airplane to make his appearance to his family in Arizona.  So glad to finally meet you Ben.  You are super sweet, and look just like your Daddy.  I loved holding you and smelling that new baby smell.  I think Baby Girl was jealous, because I felt her first kick when I held you.  But uncle Dave thinks Baby Girl was just really happy to meet you.   

Cousins meeting for the first time.  So precious.  Love.

April 12, 2014

What's in a name?

Top Baby Names of the Century
Say what? Mildred was in the top 10 girls’ names in the aughts? Does anyone even know a Mildred anymore (who’s not a grandma)?
Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Mary

2. Helen

3. Margaret

4. Anna

5. Ruth

6. Elizabeth

7. Dorothy

8. Marie

9. Florence

10. Mildred
We’re just bummed Gatsby (or even Jay!) and Daisy didn’t make the top 10 lists in the Roaring ’20s.

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Mary

2. Dorothy

3. Helen

4. Betty

5. Margaret

6. Ruth

7. Virginia

8. Doris

9. Mildred

10. Frances

The girls’ list changed dramatically in the ’30s -- Barbara, Shirley, Patricia, Joan and Nancy made their debuts in the top 10. Boys names not so much

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Mary

2. Betty

3. Barbara

4. Shirley

5. Patricia

6. Dorothy

7. Joan

8. Margaret

9. Nancy

10. Helen

A lot of important events happened in the ’40s: the invention of Velcro, Tupperware and the Frisbee, World War II and the rise of the name Michael in the top 10 boys’ list (it’s been in the top 10 every decade since!).

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Mary

2. Linda

3. Barbara

4. Patricia

5. Carol

6. Sandra

7. Nancy

8. Sharon

9. Judith

10. Susan

The ’50s -- when bobby-soxers and greasers were most likely named James or Mary. What about Sandy and Danny?

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Mary

2. Linda

3. Patricia

4. Susan

5. Deborah

6. Barbara

7. Debra

8. Karen

9. Nancy

10. Donna

The swinging ’60s were a mix of mod and psychedelic -- we guess that didn’t really apply to baby names.

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Lisa

2. Mary

3. Susan

4. Karen

5. Kimberly

6. Patricia

7. Linda

8. Donna

9. Michelle

10. Cynthia

The ’70s -- a big time for bell-bottoms, platform shoes and polyester, plus some radical changes in baby names. Hello, Jennifer and Christopher!

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Jennifer

2. Amy

3. Melissa

4. Michelle

5. Kimberly

6. Lisa

7. Angela

8. Heather

9. Stephanie

10. Nicole

The 1980s: big hair, leg warmers, Members Only jackets and the rise of the name Jessica.

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Jessica

2. Jennifer

3. Amanda

4. Ashley

5. Sarah

6. Stephanie

7. Melissa

8. Nicole

9. Elizabeth

10. Heather

A decade of grunge, Beverly Hills, 90210 and the Spice Girls. Why didn’t the names Kelly, Dylan or Victoria (as in Beckham) top the list?

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Jessica

2. Ashley

3. Emily

4. Sarah

5. Samantha

6. Amanda

7. Brittany

8. Elizabeth

9. Taylor

10. Megan

The new millennium and the age of Jacobs, Emilys and Isabellas.

Top 10 Girls’ Names:

1. Emily

2. Madison

3. Emma

4. Olivia

5. Hannah

6. Abigail

7. Isabella

8. Samantha

9. Elizabeth

10. Ashley

I thought this article I found off of was very interesting.  I just pasted the popular girls names as that's all I am interested in at this point...  So what baby girl names would you suggest?  or are your favorites?  This is a very important decision and one that affects my sweet baby girl for her lifetime. 

April 11, 2014


My little pomegranate at 21 1/1 weeks and almost 2 pounds.  She was a little camera shy today darning her photo shoot.  She kept covering her face with her little arm or smashing her face up against the uterine wall.  She's a very wiggly baby.  She had no problem though showing us "everything" else.  What I am most happy about is she has four chambers to her heart, and she is looking normal.  I guess I didn't realize how heavy that was weighing on me from the last appointment because right after we left I was teary and very emotional about having that appointment.  Theres just too much that can be taken for granted but for me I am well aware of it and very grateful that so far she has all the necessary parts.  I can't wait to meet you sweet pea!!!

Love Thursdays

Thursday's are like every other Americans Saturday...  But lately Thursday's have been so special, Dave and I usually have our baby appointment in the morning then we celebrate after with a lunch and just having time for ourselves... What a sweet thing this has been for us.  I am grateful for these moments...
We found a new Gilbert RD Charm... So Cal Tacos. 

Happy 29th Lovebug

Feasting and Celebrating!

Happy Birthday Lovebug...  Last year in your 20s but it will be the best year yet!
David's 29th Birthday was celebrated at the ONE and ONLY JOES BBQ in Good Ole Gilbert.  Nothing beats a free meal, delicious food and family.  Oh and don't forget the gifts.  Thanks everyone for coming and enjoying this special day. 

March 18, 2014

Selfies...Which I never do...Here goes...

My New Summer 'Do'

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Finally my First Maternity Clothes...

My "Little Black Dress"
Everyone needs one of these...

We're in Love with our Little...

March 13th 2014
Was a special and perfect day for Dave and I
We found out our little baby is indeed a GIRL!
I feel so blessed.  This is such a TENDER experience.

March 1, 2014

Happy BIRTHday Mommy & Ben

May strong arms hold you,

caring hearts tend you,

and may love await you at every step.

Benjamin Kaleb
6 lbs 10 ounces
19 inches long
Came into the world on February 25, 2014
Welcome Sweet Little One...

February 27, 2014


Since June 2013 Dave and I started our 
"Fertility Journey"  with help from Dr. Drew Moffitt.  
After much testing; Blood Draws, Ultrasounds, Hysterosalpingogram aka HSG Test, 20 pound weight loss, Prescripts with Ovulation pills.  One period and several ovulation cycles later... 
We found the perfect "fertility cocktail."

Watch this you-tube video to see our amazing Doctor's perspective on infertility.  Although we never had to go this route, what I want you to know about him is he and his wife also struggled with infertility also we share the same religious views...

December 22, 2013 photo taken after pulling it out of the trash can a few hours later.
Pregnant?  I sure didn't think so, even when David read the instructions from the pregnancy test, they said if Pregnant it will show "TWO PINK LINES in the result window.  One line may be lighter than the other."  

Nope I couldn't believe it, I thought I am only seeing the lightly faded second line because I wanted to and because I don't want to face any more negative tests.  With this "negative" I proceeded to cry and basically throw a child's tantrum about it.

My heart hurt from trying 3 long years (started trying November 2011)... The memory of the last time I was truly hopeful in getting pregnant came back and made this negative pregnancy test, even more painful.  Dave and I were moving back home from Washington State and somewhere around LA in a hotel.  I had been trying up to that point with ovulation pills, injections and other prescriptions and it was time to see if I had succeeded or not.  I took the test and of course it was negative, told Dave and we were on our way out of the room for dinner when I just lost it and couldn't contain my tears.  We went back and hugged it out, this time was different because I could actually see the disappointment and pain in Dave.  He had wanted it to be positive just as much as I did and he also was hopeful we had finally found the winning combination of Medical Help... 

So that Sunday night, felt even more tragic because we were so hopeful especially with our dedication to the schedule of it and the timing to get it just right.  And with the words of Dr. Moffitt from our last visit still ringing in my ear, "when was your last intercourse...?  (Don't need to tell all you...) but he said VERY GOOD, and it looks like (we were doing an ultrasound) your egg dropped, this is VERY GOOD..."  So even our Doctor sounded sure...

Dave supported me so well that night by saying, lets not give up just yet..  Let's try another test a little later, maybe in a couple of days.  This seemed to help me calm down, so I agreed.
December 24, 2013.. We tried another test...

Christmas Eve, what better day to try another test (at least if it's positive that is).  This time Dave bought the test.  Dave's mind is so much more practical then mine, he actually bought a test that had the words PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT come up on in the result window.  Genius, why didn't I think of that instead of those stupid lines...  

Anyways,  I took my test, went into the bathroom...  

Just a flashback, a week or two before all this I bought the thing that signified the epitome of BABY to me.  I bought Sophie La Girafe, born in Paris in 1961.  PERFECT, nothing better than baby and France (anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love All Things French).  

Back to the story.  So I bought what signified to me, the realness of a baby.  This toy has looked at me for years behind store fronts.  I've always wanted her.  I'd seen her at Paper-Source, Target and Pottery Barn Kids.  She was constantly on my mind, as the perfect first toy for baby.  What better way to break the news to Dave then with this toy.  As I purchased it one night from Pottery Barn Kids (which for years Dave and I have been buying Holiday decorations from) I remember the lady who checked me out.  I didn't know then Sophie had been around since 1961, but this lady had purchased this for her first born around 1961.  As she raved about what I already knew and thought I was planning out in my mind how it would all go down...

It did not go down at all how I thought, because of the negative test I had received 2 days earlier, I just didn't think I would need to prepare my plan of action for Dave.  So with Sophie in my under-wear drawer, under all the unmentionables, I continued into the bathroom.  As I sat there on that toilet, I read the instructions again on how to do this... You think I would be confident from all the practice, but this just had to be done perfectly.  I couldn't mess up.  I had to clean the area, wait until mid stream, tilt it just so, and let it sit evenly on the counter for 3 minutes, no more no less.  I avoided eye contact with that screen for 3 minutes exactly.  When I looked, my eyes had teared up, my voice was like that of Abraham, just gone from being shocked and disbelieving that such a miracle could happen.  PREGNANT  was on the screen.  I went into the bedroom where Dave was and quickly my mind came up with a plan.  As I went into the walk in closet I acted like I had peed on my underwear and asked Dave to get me new bottoms, hoping he would see the box like thing under everything.  Of course he didn't find it even after saying no to like the 5th pair he tried to give, giving him some excuse like no, those or too big, too small, not the right one, etc... Eventually I just retrieved it handed it to him with the stick.  

From there everything was surreal...

After Christmas, I called Dr. Moffitt's office and told them I had a positive pregnancy test.  We then scheduled a blood draw for Friday 12/27/13.  Unfortunately it wasn't at the Chandler location, because of the holiday's they just had their phoenix location open.  So Dave and I ventured into phoenix bright and early Friday morning.  Our appointment was at 7:35am, I worked that day but Dave had the day off.  The blood draw took minutes.  Dave mentioned how he'd love to just stay and wait it out until results where read by Doctor.  I told him that could take hours and I had work.  So we left.

I got a call around 11:30, it surprised me who was on the line, Dr. Moffitt.  He sounded calm but with urgency in his voice.  He asked me what time I could come back to the office, as he wanted to check on things with an ultrasound.  I told him I wasn't sure as I was working in Mesa.  He gave me his cell and said to find a way out there today as my "levels were very high"  and he needed to know why.  EMOTIONS, all I can say.  What did that mean?  Am I miscarrying or do I have multiples in there, what?  I tried to get a hold of Dave but I knew this might be impossible as he was in the mountains, with the boys; Dad, Ryan, Kaleb and Scott shooting up Christmas Snow Globes which had turned mucky  and Mom and donated to the cause.  The phone rang to his voicemail.  Left him one even though I knew it was hopeless...  I had to think of a plan B.  How to get to phoenix, without a car and without Dave.

Plan B.  I wasn't really sure of what to do as Dave and I hadn't disclosed the above information to anyone.  And no one really knew how close we thought we might be to actually having such a wonderful announcement to share...  So the dilemma lastly seconds in my mind, but immediately my Mom popped up as the Plan B!  If anyone was to be let in on this, she would be next in line after Dave.  So alright I will share with her a little of this dilemma...

Our phone call...
Me:  Hi Mom, do you know how long those boys will be gone today?
Mom:  Hopefully all day.
Me:  mm, so I was wondering if you could take me like now to see my fertility doctor in phoenix.  I just needed to go over some results with him.
Mom:  Sure.
Me:  Great, come as soon as you can.

Which she did not, she didn't understand the urgency of this, nor would she as I didn't disclose it.  I called Dr. Moffitt back told him I would try to make there around 12:30pm.  So Mom picked me up, we made it there but I know it wasn't 12:30, thinking more like 1pm.  But it's alright.  So I knew I would be having an ultrasound, and that would give up the reason of this urgent appointment to anyone in that ultrasound room.  I hadn't decided yet if Mom would be included.  But deep down inside I knew she would, I didn't want to be alone for this, especially since Dave was suppose to be there.  So as my name was called for me in the waiting room, my mind thought if my Mom moves like she wants to come I will just let her.  My mind believed she budged too with my name being called.  There was an awkward invitation to follow me.  As they showed her in one door to the room, I would go in through another as I had to change into that oh so comfortable gown (sarcasm).  So I entered the room.  Saw Mom, Moffitt, Juanita (RN) and a resident who's name is forgotten (not really important).  As I got up on that table I just knew I had to tell Mom.  So I briefly said, Mom on Sunday Dave and I got a positive pregnancy test and that is why I am here.  Dr. Moffitt's face was classic, he looked at me then at her, who's tears where already falling and said, RUDE, she doesn't even know why she's here?  Juanita quickly jumped on the tissues for her.  So that's how my Mom found out I was pregnant.

MERRY CHRISTMAS is really all you can see here...
Doctor Moffitt confirmed what I still was doubting.  This is real.  Not SURREAL but REAL!  I was pregnant.  And what was so shocking was I was further along then he thought possible.  No twins, No miscarry, just further along.

Baby's heart beat 126 B/M

The heart beat was where it needed to be...  

Can you see the two plus signs ?
Baby is where the plus signs are, very small.  The size of a pea.  Here is my LITTLE SWEET PEA.  At 6.1 weeks.  I was PREGNANT.  Anticipated due date, 08/23/14.

Dave Shooting Mucked Up Christmas Snow Globes
This is were Dave was when Sweet Peas photo shoot was happening.

January 16, 2014

Our first appointment with Dr. Tutt, yes I graduated from Dr. Moffitt and went to my OB Doctor.  He confirmed Baby still there and growing.  Expect sweet pea had grown faster than expected and he changed due date to August 18, 2014.  So my sweet pea, wasn't a sweet pea any longer.  She (and yes, she is what I have been calling her) is now 9 weeks along and is more the size of a green olive.  My little olive is now upside down but is growing and heart is beating strong.  

I was so thrilled to have another Baby photo shoot.  This time it was even sweeter as Dave actually got to be there and see and hear her first hand.  Beautiful.

February 13, 2014

Our Valentine, actually looks like a baby!  Dr. Tutt confirmed she has all her parts.  Well he confirmed baby has all the right parts; legs, arms, nose, hands, etc... He said she was even holding her fist up in the air, and super wiggly.  Looking good!  She is now 14 weeks.  Our little lemon.  He tried to get the gender but he just couldn't.  That's ok for now she's a she and that's totally fine.  But if she's a he then a He it shall be!  


November 30, 2013

What's on my mind today...

Dreaming of winter scenes and trimming the tree...

The hustle and bustle of the season...

Cherished Family Traditions at Brighton Cabin, UT